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Pure Moringa Zinga FAQ

Q: Is Moringa's dried leaf powder more potent than fresh leaf?

A: Yes. Amazing things happen nutritionally when you dry moringa leaf properly and carefully in the shade. The nutritional value in the dried leaf becomes significantly higher, in some cases over 10-fold in specific nutrients, when compared to fresh leaf. This fact has been proven out in the studies of the dried leaf powder by many universities and independent research laboratory analyses.

Q: Is Moringa oleifera genetically modified?

A: No, Moringa is one of few beneficial plants NOT genetically modified (GM). Today GM plants number in the thousands. Moringa is not one of them. It's well known through studies of animals who were fed a diet rich in GM corn that this caused the development of abnormalities to internal organs and changes in their blood. These studies suggest that the same thing might happen to human health as well. raise fears that human health could be affected by eating GM food. "Miracle Tree," a book written by Dr. Monica G. Marcu and published by KOShealthpub.com, expounds on the current health concerns of GM corn and soy. It is a modern day health hazard and especially so among infants. Moringa is not genetically modified in the slightest and so its a superior replacement delivering the best nutrition to all ages.

Q: When is the best time to take Moringa Zinga?

A: On an empty stomach. Try to wait 10-15 minutes before eating. The time of day does not really matter except that if you take it before your evening meal it might give you so much mental energy that getting to sleep might be difficult. The body fully absorbs the moringa leaf and the capsule is all vegetarian.

Q: How long does it take for me to feel a difference with the product?

A: Moringa Zinga is a pure all natural substance. It is a food that your body will recognize and utilize quite quickly. Most people feel it working within a day or two. It doesn't contain anything your body won't recognize. You can easily self dose because you will feel the benefits. Most people seek their own "maintenance" level and if they have a particularly difficult day they simply increase the dosage for that day. The recommended dosage of Moringa Zinga is 1-4 capsules per day.

A Common Tree With Rare Power - Its potential as diet aid, water purifier is seen as boon to hunger fight. It's cheap, full of nutrients and a known quantity in much of the developing world. http://www3.sympatico.ca/truegrowth/moringa.html

The history of Moringa goes back to 150 AD. Although the Moringa vegetable tree is native to Northern India, it has been enjoying new and positive exposure in the Western media of late. Ayurveda, the oral tradition of Indian medicine, suggests that Moringa prevents 300 diseases. This is a deciduous tree or shrub that grows fast and is drought-resistant. The average height of the plant is about 35-40 feet at maturity.


The Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians extracted edible oil from the seeds and used it for perfume and skin lotion. In the 19th century the West Indies exported the extracted oil of Moringa to Europe for perfumes and lubricants for machinery. Moringa oil proved beneficial even in the ancient Egyptian culture as a remedy for the protection of their skin from the ravages of desert weather. In Jamaica in 1817, a petition concerning Moringa oil was presented to the Jamaican House of Assembly and the oil was officially recognized as excellent for salads and culinary purposes.

Leaves and pods of Moringa Oleifera are two parts of the plant that are used most commonly and they can be a rich valuable source of nutrition for all age groups. Moringa leaves should be dried indoors and made into a powder by rubbing them over a sieve. The leaf powder then can be stored in opaque, well-sealed plastic containers as exposure to sunlight will destroy the vitamin A content in it.

Almost 50-70% of vitamin A can be safely retained in the leaves if not dried under the direct sunlight as compared to only 20-40% of Vitamin A content if dried directly in the sun. The powder can be used to prepare sauces or a few spoonfuls of the powder can be added to other sauces for garnishing purposes as well. Not only does it make the food nutritious but adds extra flavor and good aroma to food.

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Moringa Oleifera Facts

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